Saturday, 25 August 2012

Super Saturday (=^-ω-^=) this is super long...

Last Saturday was SUPER! Hope yours was just as grand!

Started off heading to the GAD for a talk on sustainable fashion at 'Fashionably Early'
'Fashionably Early Designing Australian Fashion Futures brings together educators, graduates and students from six design schools, in a vibrant discussion about the challenges that will inspire the next generation of Australian fashion designers. The exhibition presents two design briefs that look beyond the fashion image: A Fashion System for Tomorrow and Consider What You Wear'


Below are some pics from the exhibition. There were two sections, 'A Fashion System For Tomorrow', and 'Consider What You Wear'. The first being all about graduates exploring different ways in which we may approach sustainable fashion in the furture, putting forward ideas and concepts (some quite resolved, some not so much) which challange our thinking and what the future of fashion holds. 

 A common theme was 'zero waste' and the picture below shows my favorite of the lot. Lauren Boyle used a really interesting method of pattern making which looked incredible in her lay (shown in the picture below). There was a huge number of pieces, put into what she called a 'Couture Men's Jacket to Fit most sizes'.

It wasquite amazing. Zippers along the shoulders adjusted the shoulder width, and the rest of the jacket had a great drape and tailoring techniques which all worked together in contrast brilliantly. 

When asked about the pattern making, she breifly responded that she used a basic jacket block and created shapes and lines which naturally drew off the blocks lines to create the rest of the pattern. I'm sure there was a lot more too it, and I would have really enjoyed listening! 

Lauren mainly does men's wear, but said she usually doesn't work in this method, and probably wouldn't again. I found this somewhat disappointing, as I looked at the pattern she used and was in total and complete awe of it all!

 Some of the others.....

Consider what you wear.....

It was very interactive, with half the gallery being dedicated to 'Consider what you wear' where you could try things on and play with them in many different ways.
Canberra looked beautiful by the lake....too bad it was so windy walking back to my car the froth on my coffe blew off and into my hair/face/jacket. Humf

Next I headed over to another gallery space....but on the way I went past an op shop.....and couldn't help but stop and pop in. Below are pictures of all the amazing things I scored there, and at another one. all for a totaly of under $50 bucks!
Coat $10, Sweet as framed ship print $4, blue suit jacket $10

Ponte type fabric dress with sweetheard panelling and belt $7

Vintage Laura Ashley dress $12

Some 18th kinda fabric $2
I finally got around to going to....

 Needless to say, I had the best time rocking out on my own checking out figurines and reading about japanese Otaku history

'Whether you are a dedicated fan, a curious visitor, or just in for a nostalgic journey, Japan: Kingdom of Characters will take you through Japan’s most popular characters that have triggered worldwide crazes from the 1950s to the present. On tour from Japan is a decade-by-decade showcase of manga (comic) and anime (animation) characters, popular in Japan and an integral part of daily life for adults and children. The exhibition, which includes life sized figures and anime footage, aims to introduce the world of characters from manga and anime in a broader sense and examine their impact on society'
Old man with pokemon mug ^_^
Picture with the caption below, finally someone understands me

Bunny Girl Vol 7 by Bome -I plan on buying her next pay.  I have a few of his others ^_^

I uploaded this onto facebook and I think alot of people genuinely think it is my bed room :/


Thanks if you read this haha. Epicly long, but I just had to share the amazing day I had....


  1. Awesome work! Also loving the photobombs from yourself at the KoC and your cat with the fabric. Classic.

  2. Both of these shoes look great. Have a look at the leader in zero-waste patterns,


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