Thursday, 9 August 2012

Great Start to a Thursday!

We have a musical doorbell at home, it may be the most annoying thing to wake you at 7am in the morning, but whenever it does, I can generally be assured something I've ordered online has arrived for me!! ^__^

So this morning I woke up to find two large boxes waiting for me to open them.
Once from ASOS, and one which I had to have a very large figurine I had ordered inside.

I have been, for a few years now, on the hunt for the 12" Landstrider Figurine from the Dark Crystal, as shown below. Limited Edition of 1500, one of them is finally mine!!

My long awaited addition to my collection
I could have bought this a few years ago when I first stumbled upon it, however it retailed in a shop in Melbourne for $200...which I have never really been able to justify when I'm on a trip flown there. So being the bargain hunter I am, I have pretty much been searching the Internet, mainly eBay, ever since....and finally, it has paid off! I found someone selling one for only $85.00, however it was then an additional $55 for shipping. $140 for it in the end, and It was the highlight of my week opening it and getting out the keyring which states its number out of the 1500. Mine is 1300/1500
It will sit ever so nicely next to my uRac, which is also a limited edition of 1500, and my skeksi Chamberlin.
A little while ago while I was perusing the interwebz searching for this Landstrider Figure, I stumbled upon the video below. What an amazing halloween costume! Super creepy, and awesome!

Someone tell me if this vid doesnt work. Im mayyyybe doing this on the work computer so it's actually blocked on my computer and I can't see....teehehe

I also just stumbled upon these....Pre-order figurines at, woo.....oh I wish I had enough funds to buy all the amazing figurines in the world!

 And these........are the amazing things I bought from ASOS while they were having a 15% off sale. Woo. Total of $68.00, including a pair of new Melissa Ultragirls in Coral. Who could be more satisfyed with that when you also get free shipping!
Peplum Top, Melissa UltraGirls, and Love heart Stockings.
All of which I think would go nicely together.

And as an extra, if you look at the left background, you can see my Dark Crystal poster.
If you haven't watched it, I would highly recommend it....obviously :p

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  1. I can totally read the joy in your typing!
    Good work! Keep it up!
    Now to start the slow process of downloading Dark Crystal..


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