Wednesday, 15 August 2012

In Photos: My Second Week as a Blogger

So, it's come to a second week as a real life (or perhaps a real online) blogger. And boy, has it been a busy one! And in fact Ive been so busy (minus the time I've taken to upload posts at work....*hum*)

So here's a summary of my exciting week (mainly) in pictures!

Completly covered in ice all over my face :/!

I went on a Hyatt Social Club Ski trip on Monday to Perisher. Second time skiing, I think I did a very good job considering! I wore my mums bright red skiing jumpsuit which she took over to the Calgary 1988 Winter olympics. So it has all these olympics patches. People seem to think I'm good because of it....haha

Millinery - Thursday Night - Hat made by my teacher by blocking foundation and draping fabric
$5 dinner
Been eating way too many of these melts.....and I think I'll be eating a lot more $5 Margarita pizza's from Dominos, as my parents have gone away for a month to South America

The mound she was sewing behind

One of Canberra's Theatre companys is putting on a production of Hairspray, and I went over to the costume ladies place to help her out a bit. This is her workshop! She say's its only this crazy during big shows. When I first walked up I couldn't tell she was in there because her machine is behind the huge mound....

Hand sewn button holes

I've been doing a series of 17th century workshops, I started my stay last weekend and am still working on it. I've been mainly hand sewing the lacing holes throughout the week while watching films.
My very time consuming hand sewn button holes. Blergh!

Someone bought a camera to soccer this weekend. We lost, we are now the bottom of the ladder.

soccer is hard work
half time
thats me!

Someone lovely sent me flowers at work. No one's ever done that before! It was a pleasant surprise!
They are looking even moe lovely now that they've bloome

I've enjoyed the blogging experience so far, it's good to have some place to share things with, even if not that many people read it, it's still a great outlet that makes you feel like communicating your ideas/thoughts with someone/something.

I haven't gotten over being camera shy about photographing everything I find interesting yet....and I don't like saying, 'Oh, you know, I'm just taking photo's so I can upload them onto my ultra super cool and hip blog...'

Anywho, it's been a good week and a bit

Peace out

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  1. Man. that workroom is cur-razy! But what a terrific job though, I think I would be as happy as larry sewing theatre costumes all day.
    Your hand-sewn buttonholes are sheer perfection!


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