Wednesday, 15 August 2012

So much silk to sew and drool over

I have finally read through all of Susan Khaljie's 'Bridal Couture', and while reading through, and learning an increidble amount about the construction of couture dresses, I've been trying to put together an Order of Assembly for the dress I'll be making.

I have read the majority of this.....maybe at work when I'm not very busy. And have been typing up my Order of Assembly, and printing it at work too.

The thing is, when I have nothing to do....I really have nothing to do! Adn because of where I work, I have to be at my desk pretty much at all times to serve any guests who need my assistance.
So doing this all at work it makes me look busy to guests, and ensures I'm always at my desk ready to assist!
My order of assembly, complete with picture instructions from Bridal Couture! Woooo, now lets get started!

I even used the amazing big photocopier/printed to scan all the relevant pages and put in the step by step picture instructions I included in my instructions.

Today, I also finally received all the silk we ordered in the mail!! It took a we did a direct transfer, and so it took a couple days to go through, and then they used a courier, who won't leave the fabric there unless it's signed for. They apparently came last Friday, but left no note to let me know. I had to call up to track it and then send them a letter of authorisation to let them know they can leave it by the gate. Otherwise I would never get it, as I work full time!

Silk Dupion, Silk Chiffon, Silk cotton, Silk Organza, Silk Crepe de Chine

This all reminded me that last time I was in Adelaide visiting my Mum's side of the family, my grandma got my great grandma's 1920's wedding dress out. I'm wearing it below, and there is a picture of her on her wedding day as well. Her shoes were incredible, but they were probably a size 5, and sooooo ridciulously thin! The dress was very pretty, a few tears and discolouration, but still so gorgeous. My silly picture definately does not do it justice! The bow in the centre also came on stitched on one side so idnt sitting right.

The time before that (unfortunately no photo!) I tried on my grandmas wedding dress, but it was too small.....TOO SMALL!?!?!? Very strange thing for me to get....thats generally not an issue I am often faced with. I tore a bit on the arm because it was too tight. 

Even though I can't fit into it, she is still going to give it to me so I can use the fabric ^__^


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