Monday, 27 August 2012

An inspiring workplace

laura laine fashion illustration
Laura Laine for  MUSE MAGAZINE
There are pro's and con's to the job I currently have. The con's being that I don't really find it interesting at all, that I'm pretty much constantly bored, even when i'm busy because all the work is just so dull, and worst of all, when I have clients in, it can actually be ridiculously stressful. Oh and the fact that there is never a thank you or any recognition because I sit alone all day and know one has any idea of what I do.

BUT. The upside. When there isn't anything to do. I can get a lot of personal stuff done....but you didn't hear this from me....
Examples of productive personal things I've accomplished:

- Printing and reading pretty much all of Suan Khalje's Bridal Couture and my order of assembly for my current wedding dress project
- Beading lace for one of my millinery projects
- Completeing units for my Advanced Diploma of Management
-Loads of online shopping.... *oops*

But the best bit is......drum roll please....
Blogging and reading blogs!!!
Next week however I will be moving into the 'reworked' role of mine, which means I will be moving out of my iscolated office (yay) and moving to reception where I probably won't ever be able to cruise the interwebz (boo)
So I thought I would just share something I stumbled upon this morning, as I might not get many other chances to do so!
Laura Laine is a Helsinki based illustrator.
She has studied fashion design at University of Art and Design Helsinki, but during her studies focused on fashion illustration. After completing her studies she has been working full-time as a freelance illustrator and is also teaching fashion illustration at the university.
Her recent clients include Vogue Nippon, GAP, I.T. store, Elle, Zara, Telegraph, Rad Hourani, The New York Times T magazine, Tommy Hilfiger, Muse magazine, The Guardian, I.T. Post magazine, Iben Hoej, and Daniel Palillo. She has also exhibited in San Francisco and Los Angeles.






I would seriously consider all of these for tattoos if I was ever game enough to really get one.
I especially enjoy the hair and all the individually drawn strands of hair. I'm pretty much a sucker for any well drawn girlies wearing pretty clothing in a whimsical style, but the attention to detail and the contrast Laura uses is pretty incredible. Oh the great things I find while im at work!
Also, id say that one of my favorite mediums is  monochromatic pen and pencil, so really her work just hits the spot for me.
How did I miss this amazing installation in Melbournes GPO??
Oh right....that's because I don't live there :(
On a completely related note. How can postage for one book cost $41.00 on Amazon? Whatever I'll just buy it from bookdepositry mwahahah

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