Monday 20 January 2014

An Amazingly Hideous Christmas Shirt

So Christmas is well and truely over... and I haven't posted in months....BUT WHAT THE HELL!!! Here's a post!

Who would have thought Christmas fabric can actually be quite expensive?!?!? Ridiculous! $25 a meter? Really?.....Do people make serious things from this fabric to warrant the price? Because honestly, I could never make something out of Christmas fabric that wasn't mostly a joke...

Like this shirt for example! 

I made this for a friend for his work Christmas party ...we couldn't find any online that would have arrived on time, as they would have to come from the US, and that mostly only Christmas jumpers were available...and it is very much summer here.   

I bought two fabrics, the main shirt fabric which is green, and the contrast picture fabric, which all came as one piece like quilting fabric with lost of different pictures. That was the expensive one....I orginally would have liked to make it all from that one, but I actually really like how it turned out, less intense, and a little bit more summery for our Aussie Christmas. 

Personally my favorite part are the reindeer.

I asked my friend his size in his most bought brand of clohting, went online and looked up the measurements for his size on their website, and just used the block we had at TAFE for his size.
Super easy.

The only thing I did was make it short sleeve for the Northern Territory summer.

Does anyone else find that domestic button hole functions, ALWAYS....ALWAYS at least screws up once, more likely twice? I have a decent expensive(ish) machine...and still every time I go to do a buttonhole I worry...

And my other favorite part....THE SINGLE CHRISTMAS TREE BUTTON!

 All the other buttons were just a nice little light wood buttons

Anywho! That is all. Just a silly Christmas shirt.

Hope y'all had a fine Chrissie and a darn dandy New Year!
Xoxo Ruffles

Wednesday 26 June 2013

My Mediocore Me Made May

This is almost a month overdue. Oops. That's what studying does to you! (which will pay off for you when I can show you the things I just completed!!)

I did succeed with my Me May May 13', the reason it was mediocre was simply due to the fact that I had a very busy May. Well actually I think I am always this busy...but I really wanted to try and step it up a bit for this month.

Reasons I feel it was mediocre are also because....well the first week of May I was was sucky, and it meant for a lot of days I didn't get changed out of pajamas....
I also didn't get nearly as many photos as I would have liked, when I put these pics together I thought I had taken way more...apparently not!

I did go on a hunt at the beginning of May when I was sick and bought a tripod from cash converters for $12 which was a part of my Me Made May plan to take lots of selfies....But had no camera plate....and seeing as I have never bought a tripod before I thought this wasn't going to be an issue.
IT WAS! I had one i had ordered from eBay thinking they were surely all the same....they aren't. I ended up watching tutorials on how to make them out of wood and made 90% of a functional plate that fits....but I didn't have a drill to finish it off :'( so sadly it was never finished.

I jumped my housemates on the few occasions I saw them and made them take some dodgy lounge room photos with horrible lighting....


I actually felt that if I didn't I would have been letting myself down and would have felt awful if I had.

I did on a couple of occasions in the evening when I went out wore dresses that I hadn't made....but i wore something during the day that i had made so I'm not sure what the rules might be here? I felt guilty...but I felt it was kinda reasonable.

I figured a lot of things out during Me Made May', especially about what huge blaring gaps exist in my me made wardrobe. I lack basics.... a lot... the 'Too much frosting, not enough cake'
that Sewaholic blogs about definitely applies here. 

I ended up making some cake (two basic cotton t-shirts) during me made may which really helped :) However because of school I didn't manage to get much else done!

I think now that this is over I am going to joining the Seamless pledge! Go have a look! I wish I had seen it sooner :)

I hope everyone had a fun Me Made May, I will definitely be doing it again!

Wednesday 22 May 2013

A Wish List of Shoes

I can make clothes. 
So I obsess over shoes.
These are the ones that have stuck with me for a while now and might need to be added to my collection if my funds can bare it....

I will sadly probably never own any of the WXY shoes. They are so beautiful

Tara by Miista
Image 1 of ASOS HOLLAND Leather Heeled Sandals
ASOS HOLLAND Leather Heeled Sandals

WXY SHOES Pela's Studio - Canberra

Lo Res Pump's - United Nude
Val Tex by Miista
Im not going to deny it...this is the first time in....well....ever, that I haven't desperately wanted something from the new Melissa range...I'm seriously unimpressed by this...