Wednesday, 22 May 2013

A Wish List of Shoes

I can make clothes. 
So I obsess over shoes.
These are the ones that have stuck with me for a while now and might need to be added to my collection if my funds can bare it....

I will sadly probably never own any of the WXY shoes. They are so beautiful

Tara by Miista
Image 1 of ASOS HOLLAND Leather Heeled Sandals
ASOS HOLLAND Leather Heeled Sandals

WXY SHOES Pela's Studio - Canberra

Lo Res Pump's - United Nude
Val Tex by Miista
Im not going to deny it...this is the first time in....well....ever, that I haven't desperately wanted something from the new Melissa range...I'm seriously unimpressed by this...


  1. Holy crappola! I'm going to have to get my way down to Pela's studio and look at those shoes.

    1. only place in australia that stocks those shoes as well!

  2. I totally feel ya! Whatever I can dream up to wear I can make, so I hate having to shop for shoes and settle for what I can find in stores and what I can afford. Once I have some time, I am looking into making some of my own flats...

    1. im excited cause the tafe im at offers shoe making! i know what im doing after costume ;)

  3. You were completely right about my shoes, they are Irregular Choice Bowtiful in red!

    1. Aaaaand that link is useless because they're out of season, but you can pick them up cheap enough online!


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