Sunday, 19 May 2013

Colour Block Linen Sun Dress and Garden Hat

One hell of an up-cycle and recycle project/combination!

It all started with a $4 Millers linen dress bought from the Vinnies down the road. 
I only bought it because it was linen and navy blue!
It was a size 14 also....and had a hideously pointy collar.


I swear I took before shots....of course now they are no where to be found.

I chopped off a good 50cm from the hem, took off the hideous collar and redrafted it and used a natural contrasting linen, took up the sleeves and added a contrasting tab, took in the arms and the side seams, added back darts, and replaced the buttons because they all broke or came off!



Helen Kaminski


  In my first term of costume, one of my classes was millinery. While I did study millinery last year, it was all blocking, but this time, a combination of flat pattern and blocking was taught. 

For our more complicated assignment we drafted a hat pattern from the Helen Kaminski hat above. 
While none of ours turned out perfect, it was a great exercise and I am mostly happy with how mine turned out.

I had so much linen left from cutting the hem from the dress I decided to use the same linen to colour block the hat as well.
Unfortunately the fit isn't perfect. It's actually too deep for my head. NOOOO!!!

But I think I might head along eventually to the markets and sell some handmade things :)

I haven't posted anything actually yet about my course. But hopefully this can be changed :)

Hope you are all enjoying Me Made May!


  1. Great refashion and oh my god I love that hat!!!! Very cool.

  2. This is a great up-cycle! I love navy + white combos. I wish I could up-cycle but I just feel icky wearing secondhand clothes. I know, i'm eco-unfriendly and paranoid :(.

    1. ah well its not everyones thing! you make pretty clothes ^_^! anyway!
      also, im not going to complain if there is more thrifting out there for me to do :p


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