Wednesday, 26 June 2013

My Mediocore Me Made May

This is almost a month overdue. Oops. That's what studying does to you! (which will pay off for you when I can show you the things I just completed!!)

I did succeed with my Me May May 13', the reason it was mediocre was simply due to the fact that I had a very busy May. Well actually I think I am always this busy...but I really wanted to try and step it up a bit for this month.

Reasons I feel it was mediocre are also because....well the first week of May I was was sucky, and it meant for a lot of days I didn't get changed out of pajamas....
I also didn't get nearly as many photos as I would have liked, when I put these pics together I thought I had taken way more...apparently not!

I did go on a hunt at the beginning of May when I was sick and bought a tripod from cash converters for $12 which was a part of my Me Made May plan to take lots of selfies....But had no camera plate....and seeing as I have never bought a tripod before I thought this wasn't going to be an issue.
IT WAS! I had one i had ordered from eBay thinking they were surely all the same....they aren't. I ended up watching tutorials on how to make them out of wood and made 90% of a functional plate that fits....but I didn't have a drill to finish it off :'( so sadly it was never finished.

I jumped my housemates on the few occasions I saw them and made them take some dodgy lounge room photos with horrible lighting....


I actually felt that if I didn't I would have been letting myself down and would have felt awful if I had.

I did on a couple of occasions in the evening when I went out wore dresses that I hadn't made....but i wore something during the day that i had made so I'm not sure what the rules might be here? I felt guilty...but I felt it was kinda reasonable.

I figured a lot of things out during Me Made May', especially about what huge blaring gaps exist in my me made wardrobe. I lack basics.... a lot... the 'Too much frosting, not enough cake'
that Sewaholic blogs about definitely applies here. 

I ended up making some cake (two basic cotton t-shirts) during me made may which really helped :) However because of school I didn't manage to get much else done!

I think now that this is over I am going to joining the Seamless pledge! Go have a look! I wish I had seen it sooner :)

I hope everyone had a fun Me Made May, I will definitely be doing it again!