Saturday, 11 August 2012

Lavender Hills - First dress post (^o^)

I bought this lovely Michael Miller fabric off ebay about 6 months ago now i think. I bought it because I was just searching for 'nice landscape fabric', thinking that would be something nice to sew with. I ended up buying 4 Panels of 'Lavender Hills', and including postage it ended up being $40.
When I got it I loved it, however got put to the side for quite some time, because I had no idea what to make with it.
It needed to be something simple, to show off the fabric, but couldn't find a design I liked enough....
Eventually I came home from a solo trip to Sydney to see my favorite band....The shins!!! And when I was walking through the Strand arcade there was an exhibition and there were all these amazing dresses made by kiddies from the Sydney Ultimo TAFE. Oh they were incredible, so I felt inspired to come home a sew. Wooo.

I used Tokomo Nakamichi's Pattern Magic: Tying a Bow D. Easy to draft, the only thing I would change next time is, I wouldn't make the bow/collar so wide. Maybe it's just because the fabric I used was quite stiff, but its a bit too much fabric around my ever so sensitive neck. Ergh.
DAM listening to music while typing. Need to lsiten to something so there is background noise, but I keep almost typing the lyrics....oops. Also, while I'm at it. This chai tea is balls. Very upset with it. Must buy better Chai tea. Suggestions? Anywho...

Slide me over to see all of me!
Back to Lavender Hills..... I made buttonholes with my beautiful new machine which makes beautiful amazing button holes. Tokomo just slashes where the bow goes through and leaves it raw....but im not the most overly careful person, so I could see that turning into my whole dress just unravelling.... Oh! And it also has inseam pockets. Nice big pockets for my hands and lip gloss.

The front plackett closes with snaps and the hem is a blind hem, both of which I hand sewed while watching a tacky movie.

I don't have many people anymore to take any photos for me, so I have to wait for the house to be vacant to take selfies somewhere. Oh gosh is it not many horrid photos, and it's so so time consuming. BUT finally I have taken some photos. And by finally....I mean like 3 weeks later. I generally take photos like straight away because I get really excited to upload them hehe.

I like the colours in this dress, however the other night when I was getting dressed, I literally had to stand in front of the mirror and try on like 4 different cardigans and pairs of shoes to figure out which looked best. Usually I can do this is my head....but all these pretty colours really made it hard!

Oh Oh and like my matching bow?? I got asked the other night when I was out in the city....'What, how do you have a matching bow for your dress?!?' and the person I was with responded with 'When you make them yourself!'. Anyhow. That was nice. 


  1. Such a bold print! Love it and the bow detail is especially nice.

  2. Are they Melissas I see?! ;)
    Lovely dress, dear! xx

    1. Oh you bet they are!! I also just bought another pair from ebay which should match my next project quite niceely ^_^!


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