Saturday, 11 August 2012

My My Millinery Mahem

Two Thursday nights ago  was our first evening back at Tafe continuing on with our Cert II in Millinery! (we've had another one since...but i must not post a book....)
What a lovely and fun night it turned out to be. Sometimes, because I go to tafe straight in from work, I am quite tired and have a short attention span unless we are actually doing hands on work. Because it was the first night back, we do the typical overview of the semester and talk about our at first was incredible fidgety, but it all will be a bunch of fun.
A selection of our hat blocks, but not even near all of them!
We didn't start blocking that night on our first assignment
 because we got wayyyyyyy to distracted going through our cupboards with all the blocks, and miscellaneous other bits and bobs.
We found some awesome blocks which I now intend on using, a fair few really awesome and unique ones were dug out. Then a whole lot of really old materials, left behind projects, and work books. FROM 1976!!
It was awesome. All these teacher’s notes which were all typed up with a type writer, all these projector pictures, a couple of old bridal fascinators, and some pretty funny newspaper/magazine clippings.
a couple of the cool clippings i found
My favorite part though, finding someones work folder, who in 1978, was going to do a project based around my favorite ever movie, The Labyrinth! What a cool girl she must have been!!! And then to top things off I found the lovely wedding head piece below which must be quite old by now.....

All the different hat blocks we stumbled upon made me remember how much I have always wanted Fleur Delacour's Hat, and uniform for that matter, from Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire.
I'm not a huge Harry Potter fan, I have seen the movies, and read them years ago as a child, but when I remembered in class about it I sat there trying to explain to everyone what on earth I was talking about. I then spent about 20 minutes on my phone and eventually figure out the character and which book she was from.
A teachers sample of a scalloped edge, I think this would be really sweet as a little headpiece on it's own
Once I found a picture I showed my teacher and we started talking about ways we could go about blocking it, until, I found another picture on Google Images, which linked me right to a website called Hat, which had created a warner brother approved 'Flower' Hate shaper based on the Beauxbaton girls uniform!
Seriously one of the best uniforms of all time. They all look chic, unqiue, whismical and very cute =^_^=
COULD IT BE?!?! And for only $33?!?!?!?! I emailed them straight away and have ordered one of their 'Hat Shapers'.
They are not called blocks because they are made out of molded plastic, a total, including shipping for this amazing block was $53.00. Which is completley incredible! I will be buying some of the more traditional hat block shapes from this online store. As generally, a wooden hat block will set you back at least $120!! The only issue I'm having now is finding/creating a felt that is the same colour....I have bought a capeline in a pale blue and plan on trying to dye it a very similar colour. Wish me luck!
I then also stumbled upon these pictures below, and had completely forgotten how amazing this dress she gets to wear in the movie is......completely amazing. But come on, realisticly, what kind of college or high school student, in this world, or in the magical one, can really afford to own this? Or even dream.......ahhhhh that laser cutting work is incredible......
Complete dress envy.... o_o

 And to end on a good note.....a sexy adverstisement clipping from some couture brand that I fail to remember.....

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  1. Always loved that flower hat! Looking forward to seeing yours. I'm sure it going to look amazing.


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