Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Welcome home from South America!

machu piccu wood carving
Wood pieced image of Machu Picchu
 Welcome back mother and father, from your one month adventure to South America!!! While it's super great your back, I know I'm going to miss being able to use the whole living room as my sewing space!

I picked them up this evening from the airport and the first thing they decided to do was unpack their bag of souveniers, which of course included lots of little trinkets and gifts for all the family. Yayyyy!!! We also looked through some amazing photos, oh gosh I want to go to Machu Picchu, what an incredible place.
While looking through these pictures, I insisted on putting on the Strokes 'Machu Picchu', which was then followed by dad putting on some crazy awesome South American music, which was very fun to dance around to for a short while, as it had a lot of ska elements.

alpaca  jumper poncho
sweet 'baby' alpaca jumper with a pixie hood ^__^ apparently 'baby' alpaca is code for 'maybe' alpaca, according to my parents tour guide.....I actually now wish winter wasn't over so I could wear it more often!!
machu picchu picture
ah how amazing is this? my granfather was a cabinet maker and would have appreciated this handy work so much

Want to know one of the most awesome things about their trip???  They were on a ten day tour with another couple, and the lady who they were on tour with was a lady named Janet Chang, who helps run Harper's Bazaar magazine!! WHAT ARE THE CHANCES!!! And then, her husdband used to be a part of the ABC and was in Calgary filming the winter olympics in 1988, when my parents were there! Weird! The parents said they were a very lovely people and said she will be coming to Sydney fashion week next year and shall send them some emails about it.....^___^ ah WOOOO!
alpaca hat beanie
the most awesome alpaca hat in the world. so ridiculously soft and amazing. too bad dad bought it back for a friend and not me -_- wish I had this for the snow season!

Mum bought me some really awesome feather earings, a 14 carat gold ring, biscuit, shot glass and little bag. Thanks mum ~_^
 Anywho, when I get to see all their beautiful photos I will share some. They only got a little bit sick from altitude sickness which is great!!!

and a present for my little cousin, the hair on the girls is wool, fun to play with!!
For my small following, apologies for the whole week adn 2 days for no posts O_o!!! I know I know.....BUT! I promise I have been super busy (with sewing, and sadly work) and will back post a lot of things soon!

Peace out

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  1. What an amazing trip, and what a coincidence about the travelling companion! Sad about the living/sewing room ;) but I am sure you will still turn out some amazing stuff. I LOVED your red hat! So clever!


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