Sunday, 2 September 2012

Saturday is: Spring time project photos!

Me and Leroy
Yesterday was the first day of Spring, and for once Canberra lived up to it's seasons expectations. I also had a friend visiting me from Melbourne, so today was the perfect Saturday to walk around the lake (with a super cute dog) and take advantage of the company and beg them to take some photos for me! 
 This is the latest hat I have made while attending my Thursday night Millinery course. While it was actually made on the side of other assesment pieces, it has turned out to be one of my favorites so far!
Yes I do realised I havent really posted any of the others I have made yet, so you have no comparison, but I will eventually ok ok! 

I haven't really had anyone to take pictures lately, so a lot of things are piling up to be posted eventually!

Here are some of the lovely photos, it was quite windy, but it almost worked in our favour!
I haved dubbed this my 'Poet Hat' as I can whip out my quil and write my words in ink at any moment....If I so chose...
Or alternatively my gumdrop hat ~_^

Lovely friend walking his lovely dog

Here are some pictured of it on the stand....
Hood being blocked. I took it back off and used a tent pole that I found in another room  to accentuate the point at the top.


  1. love the hat (is it called a hat?) and the color! did it take you long to make?

    1. cloche?? I think haha. It probably took about 3 hours all up. Blocking with the this felt is super easy compared to a lot of other hat bases!


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