Sunday, 16 September 2012

The Process: Tessuti Awards Spots & Stripes

pattern magic tessuti
Drawing on panel line and notch placement
pattern magic tokomo nakamichi
Tokomo Nakamichi's Pattern Magic 2 - 'Fundamentals'
tessuti awards fabric
My Tessuti Fabric-Bought them on sale, were still $100!
 Hello ya'll! So the last week, pretty much all I have been doing with my spare time is working on my entry for the Tessuti Awards - Spots & Stripes.

When it was first announced I took advantage of the fabric sale they were having online at the time, and choose all my fabric and put down the $100 bucks. Blergh. What an expensive amount of fabric! I NEVER ever spend that much.

And then guess what happened? I pretty much forgot about it all and then realised with 13 days to go! There was no way I could justify not entering, seeing as I had spent so so much on fabric!!

From the beginning I intended on using the principles from the pictured above Pattern Magic 2 book. I thought the contrast would work well and I also really loved the flared/peplum look it created. Making the pattern was fun, and it turns out when I connect my skirt and blouse block and make a fitted dress block, it fits quite well! Yippee! I haven't ever made myself a pencil dress or anything tight fitting around the underside, but I'm thinking now I will make a wearable toile and see how it goes!

After slicing up the toile

I cut up all the pieces, made sure I adhered to the notches. I didn' put it back onto paper and add seam allowance, instead I re pinned the pieces on to the fabric and added seam allowance as I sewed.
Adding flare through the skirt from the waist for the centre front and back.

Progress shots. At points I was pretty unhappy with it.

Hand stitching the lace hem on the corded skirt
I finished the dress the other evening, and took photos with a local photographer up on a ridge at the new Canberra Arboretum, I'd say it's the most beautiful place in canberra. I should get the full lot soon and will share with you my entry and beauitful piccies :)

.......stay tunned!

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