Saturday, 22 September 2012

Proving that all Japanese things are amazing


I stumbled upon these babies earlier this year. A girl in my bra making and swimwear course had a pair she was given when she stopped working at one of the independant fabric store. The moment I held these babies, oh gosh, I knew I had to have them! I took a photo of them and got the model number so I could hunt them down.

They were soft, sharp, smooth, light, elegant and beautiful. Too bad they were $129.00 from this particular fabric store, and I had never seen them anywhere else. Sadly I knew it would be along time before I could bare to part with so much over scissors, so good ol me jumped on eBay, and found.....nothing really....everything was about the same price or more....eeeep!!
I went onto their website which is based in America, only to find that these scissors were....only $59.95??? And then when I emailed them about international shipping, it was only an additional $4!!! Their website boasts the following:

Lowest Internet Pricing Guarantee
We will beat any Kai scissor pricing and still offer free shipping within the USA.
Kai Scissors
How happy am I with this outcome? I just bought the same pair that my friend had, and I think I will buy another pair but larger next time. Perhaps the 11 inch methinks!

There is a huge array of reviews for these scissors online, all saying that they are ammmazing, so if you need a new pair and are tired of the traditional ones you buy from your fabric store, for me that's generally the singer heritage ones in the green tin.

Cutting is pretty much my most dreaded (besides hems) in the whole creating a garment process. I got RSI a few years back in my wrists and the heavy scissors I have at the moment, and have always used definitely have contributed to the wrists hurting and therefore my lack of enjoyment for the whole process.

Oh and another fun fact, something I learnt while I was doing my clothing production course. I HAD HELD SCISSORS UPSIDE DOWN MY WHOLE LIFE!!!
How had know one ever told me this, or noticed? How did this even happen to begin with?
Turns out cutting fabric is a whole lot easier using them the right way up....the whole you can lie your scissors flat while you cut thing is pretty handy!!

I'm pretty happy that I'll have these to use to cut all the chiffon for the wedding dress I'm working on!

What are your favourite sewing shears? Have you found ones that you love just as much as I love these? If so let me know!

p.s. excuse me if this came across as a kai Scissor commercial :p

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