Saturday, 22 September 2012

Millinery is an expensive hobbie

This weekend, Hatters Millinery Supplies came down to Canberra from Sydney to do a showing! My Millinery class all meet there and had a fun spent hour walking around in circles around the suiteTrying to choose what we wanted. It was an expensive outting, topped off with a parking fine..... There was no parking in the area so a girl and I parked on some gravel near a church.....when we came back some ugly yellow tickets had appeared and the parking inspector was still hovering around our cars.
"It's illegal to park on the nature strip" he said, tosser!

So many beautiful flowers! I bought two different ones, one light pink and one cream

 Most of us bought far too much than we should of! I bought a swatch card with all the colours and types of millinery fabric/blocking supplies they stock on the website, as well as some hat stiffener.

With all the money we saved on shipping, we made up in parking fines. Sad days.
Vinatge veiling and velvet leaves. So pretty. I bought a lot things to try and match the dress I am making for the wedding I am attending in November.

Head band, small head piece, braid which I will use to finish the inside of some hates, pleated crinoline, and some bold black feathers

The fabric I have bought to make my dress for the wedding
A sneak peak of my almost finished hat for Melbourne cup!! Woo!!

P.S!!! 17 Days left of voting for the Tessuti Awards

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  1. WOW love the melbourne cup hat!!! amazing


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