Monday, 3 September 2012

The perfect cure for Monday blues, a tribute to Melissa shoes!

Thank you Melissa for Monday (and life) inspiration

So technically I won these yesterday on EBay, but I'm still stoked today about it!!

I wanted these awesome AH Trouple Gloss Melissa's in cream for about 2 years! RRP $170
Guess how much I scored them for yesterday?
Plus $9.00 postage

It's a good thing I have an eBay addiction. It's also great that Melissa doesn't release a huge amount of shoes each season, think it makes them way more special, and means that two years on, you can sometimes find a pair you really wanted brand new for really little!!
Aren't they gorgeous? They will go so well with pretty much everything and will dress up a casual outfit so nicely!
Another great style by the Brazilian fashion king Alexandre Herchcovitch.

 I have a lot (a lot a lot a lot) of Melissa shoes, so I'm thinking I will need to start posting about them each Monday. I have seen bloggers who do 'Shoesday' for Tuesday. But I haven't seen someone use this line before. I am very new to this bloggin business, so I'm a thousand percent sure that someone else does it too, but for the meantime I can feel good about blatantly stealing someones 'Shoesday' blog post theme.

However I do have to give complete credit to the picture up the top which I stole from Melissa on facebook (who of course would have found it somewhere else on the vast interwebz), but I feel, as I am using it to promote their shoes, it's justified!

Next on my list of shoes to buy....
Ultragirl Sweet

VW Skyscraper- Love the pastel green, but need a pair of amazing black shoes, don't have any good versatile ones!

Not Melissa I know, but worth an honourable mention...!
Topshop Unique Purple Leather Statement Heels


  1. Very cool :) And I love those pastel greens too

  2. omg what a bargain!! I so want a pair of Skyscrapers as well! They sell them at Soho in the City...but it's cheaper online :P Oo I'm wearing my VW Ultra Girl today!

  3. They only have the glitter ones atm :( Unfortunatly I always want the real quirky melissas, so soho and momento never have them in the colour i want or style. they always call me haha. They have the melissa sweets but in black. I guess they have to accomodate to the majority instead of my somewhat quirky taste!

  4. Good score. Love eBay.


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