Thursday, 1 November 2012

The 'Wedding Experience'

No....not yet the wedding I will be attending for the lovely lady I made a wedding dress for...ANOTHER ONE. 
Well not a real one. A fake one. One where I paid $55 and went with a gay friend from work to eat a 3 course meal with wines.
Before I tell you about the event, lets talk about what I wore! Because apparently it is note worthy!
I wore a dress I made 2 years ago for my portfolio, a vintage head piece with velvet flowers (drool), and Alannah Hill Cardigan, bag from Saba, white stockings (as always) and of course Melissa shoes!

There were also two other pictures of me and my friend in other publications around town. We really did manage to do a good job on the publicity front that afternoon!
The hotel we work at instead of doing a traditional kind of wedding fair, did something a bit different this year, and hosted like a mock wedding where everyone was there as a mock guest. Models for the bride and groom, a room set with 4 different seasonal themes, 3 fashion parades from local store in Canberra, and most importantly amazing foooood.We even got up and started a dance floor...haha thats what a few drinks will do to us. 

 The male models were pretty good looking. Turns out we have the same taste in men. 

Oh and did I mention I CAUGHT THE BOUQUET?!?! My male friend also caught the garter...however there was only one other man in the running! As the host pointed out....'Why would there be single men at a wedding fair?'

I gave the wedding dress to the bride tonight. I am so happy! 9 days until (our) big day!!
 Lets get started on my dress and hat now!!
Oh and the fedora I'm making my friend for Melbourne Cup...

Thank god I have next week as annual leave!!

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