Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Can't wait for Christmas

Normally, for some reason, I am quite the hater of Christmas. Maybe not hate, thats perhaps a bit too strong. I mean how can you compeltely hate a day where you get gifts and eat all day?

tokyo, christmas, lights
Light displays set up in Tokyo at Christmas
I don't know! But somehow I have grown a strong disliking to Christmas, or at the least Christmas at home with the family. I think this is pretty evident by the fact that I have volunteered to work Christmas day the last two years at the Hyatt Hotel Canberra. I would say though, if you were to work Christmas then my job was the best you could do! On bell at the hotel, you stand there and greet people for 8 hours and take photos and bounce around being generally joyfull!

Oh and you know, you also get paid like triple time, so that makes it a very generous Christmas Day!

This year I won't be working though....this year on the 13th of December I will be jumping on a plane and running away to Singapore and then TOKYO for Christmas and New Year's!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me here you say WOOHOO!!! Could Japan be the best place in the world to celebrate Christmas? All pretty but with no real meaning behind it? Perhaps for me!

christmas tokyo disneyland
Tokyo Disney Land at Christmas!

For some reason I find Christmas very stressful. My parents usually go nuts, especially if for any reason we are having people at our house. And I know it sounds ridiculously selfish, but my mother always manages to miss with the present mark by huge margin....I never really ask for much, but I do always tell her the few things I would like, but somehow they never make it to the Santa pack and then there's all these random things which I will never use, and I think she would like more than me....
However I do have to give her credit, last year she did get me a huge amount of costume books, but then forgot the one tiny thing I asked her for :p

This year my parents will also be going overseas, leaving on Chirtmas day. My Dad won a huge amount of frequent flyers randomly through AMEX and so he's taking her on a surprise trip to Europe (none of us actually know where they are going for a month)

OK OK so enough of that. Tokyo at Christmas. From what i've been reading, is all about 3 things.
Lighting displays, KFC and Strawberry shortcake. 

KFC christmas chicken
hehe I'll tell him what id like for Christmas!
Sound like something I could get used too. Christmas period is meant to be the equivelant of the best Valentines day a couple could think of, and people pre order KFC for Christmas eve! Apparently there are the longest lines, and they dress up the Kernal as Santa haha! I guess he has the looks for it!

Oh and who am I going with you might ask? My ex boyfriend! He now lives in another city but we think we will make an ace travelling team. He is super knowledgable about EVERYTHING because he did a history and politicts degree...and then I am really good at organising things and doing itineries and budgets and such things. I am also pretty stingy so im good at finding things cheap hehe.

We will be staying in 3 Hyatt's while we are overseas, using the free nights I've accumulated while working.

Also he just started his own blog! Quite different to mine clearly, head over and have a read of his first post!


  1. Good good awesome post! Makes me wish I was going to be in Tokyo for Christmas!

  2. I am so jealous! I absolutely ADORE Japan! You have to visit the Nippori district for their fabric stores!
    Thanks for your comment, and in reply, no I just use an ordinary foot for sewig HongKong seaming. I don't buy ready made bias binding either, but make my own :)

    1. I already have a Nippori day all planned out! I am so excited I cannot wait!!!
      And thanks for the response, they are lovely seams! Ive always wondered whether I should bother buying a foot :p Most of the time I make my own....but sometimes Im lazy hehe


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