Thursday, 18 October 2012

Before bedtime post

Just some thoughts before bed time....

Firstly. A big WOOHOO to the fact that I have 10....THATS RIGHT


So thank you to all of you double digit followers. 
(and to the one person who I know is email subsribed ;)

Secondly. I am so close to being done with this wedding dress I can taste my sewing freedom!!

Thirdly. I thought people who had left comments were going back and deleting them, which was making me very upset that someone would even bother to do that.
However turns out that some were going to spam?
Can anyone shed some light on why that would happen?

Fourthly. Tomorrow is FRIDAY. But most importantly it is OTAKUFEST, at the local comic book store where I will be dressing up in cosplay and hopefully winning some sweet sweet free anime!

Stay tuned for more piccies!!

To all my lovely follows, and everyone else on the bloggersphere and interwebz, goodnight for now, and enjoy your Friday!
....or what ever other day it may be due to time zone differences
isnt this a nice pic



  1. Congratulations on the first 10! Spam seems to come in waves, maybe Blogger has updated the settings and it catches honest comments?


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