Sunday, 14 October 2012

Somethings to look forward too!

So....I've been hella busy! The whole wedding dress making thing. Not only fills a lot of my time at the moment, as I need to have it done in about a week; but it also fills my thoughts, pretty much constantly. Every night when I go to bed I lie there for at least 20 minutes thinking about it all. So it's a bit stressful.

So I figured I'd just jump on a put together a list of things I'm really looking forward to at the moment.

Number 1
Finishing this wedding dress! Wedding date is the 10 November. The bodice is now completely finished with all the lace, and ACTUALLY FITS like perfectly! *phewph* that ones been a long time coming! Half of the skirt is done, turns out 9m of chiffon was only half the amount of fabric I would need for the skirt. I have never done a fully chiffon skirt, next time i'll no to over estimate, or double what I think I will need!!

Here are some pics of the lace work!

Number 2
Making my dress for the wedding! This is my fabric that I finally found and bought from E&M Greenfield, the poly crepe was $3.50 a meter hehehe awesome!!!


I ended up coming to the conclusion, that I needed to use a comercial pattern because I definately will not have the time to drape one like I was hoping.

Number 3
Making my hat/fascinator for the wedding as well!! The Gilded Bee is where I have bought this huge array of flowers that I want to make a headpiece with. Aren't they amazing? They are so fantastic for millinery and quite cheap as well which is really good and hard to find with nice little flowers!
Number 4
On the 1st of December is the Canberra Institue of Technology's Gradutating Fashion parade! Last year I modelled and did some machining for another one of the designers, this year I am also modelling for a designer, but I am also helping another one of the designers do some pattern making!! This will be super fun, and I met with her a week or so ago to go over her designs. We get along really well and Im excited to use some pattern making techniques that I wouldn't normally have a reason to use!

I modeled for devaki black last year, and here's a picture of her work from the parade! Can you pick me? hehe!


  1. Wow you are one busy lady! Good luck with the wedding sewing, all of it looks beautiful and looking forward to seeing the end result!!

  2. The wedding seems amazing, please show us a picture when you've done. And the Burda pattern is very easy and fits very good, at least it did for me (I wore it to a wedding as well).
    Good luck for the final sewing and the Fashion show!

    1. Awesome! I can't wait to share pics of the dress! her fiance doesnt know what its going to look like so i can't share any good photos yet ;-)

  3. I love that burda pattern. The millinery flowers are lovely.

    1. cant wait to use both of them so so much ^__^!
      spare time...come to me!


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