Thursday, 22 November 2012

Pretty in Packaging (Bodyline order)

So...yes been very absent lately...Sorry!!

Thought i'd just share something small, but totally made my day (although the last two days have already been super good!)

Just got back from Adelaide where yesterday I had an interview with the Adelaide College of the Arts for their Diploma of Costume for performance....More about that later ;-) but lets just say it went really REALLY well!!

I came home and I had a package from Japan, a Bodyline order which included a pretty dress (quite pink tho....might have to do something about that) and a pretty cutsew top :)

pretty or what?!?!?!

Last time i was in adelaide....which I also need to post about, a girl i meet working at a second hand lolita store told me to join the Adelaide lolita facebook group....and so i did. I cannot wait to dress up and meet new people ^__^ i also bought a $29 bodyline skirt from there which is very cute and then jumped on there website! The two pieces i got including postage ($10) were $90 in total! How good is that? and both fit!!!! And both are decent fabric too!!

anywho! check it out for pretty things....i will post again soon ^__^!!


  1. omg I bought so much from Bodyline when I used to live in Japan :D

    1. jealous! of both living in japan, and your bodyline stash! I cant wait to buy more loli stuff ^__^


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