Friday, 9 November 2012

a super quick sneaky peak

Ahhh....soooo busy. I'm down in Radelaide at the moment, and the wedding is tomorrow....i've been slaving away getting a few things done.

Last night I made up a toile for my dress. Not much to change there thankfully! Yay! That is thanks to me using my own skirt block for the bottom half instead of the one from the pattern and altering it.

The picture of the front was so bad i didnt even want to upload it, so here's a pic of the back!
super bad quality....thats what happens when grandparents use your camera...hehe
The rest of today i have spent scrap booking, im making sam a book with all the pictures i took at her fittings, and of just the general process. The other thing i have been doing is working on my fascinator for tomorrows wedding. Here are pics of the finished thing! I really needed just a short break before I start sewing my actual why not do a blog post!

Hope you like it! I will be adding a whole bunnnnch of pictures and blog posts very soon!!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend....and if you can watch the adelaide Christmas parade on tv!

*peace out*


  1. The dress looks gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

    1. ah thanks! i really liked the outcome ofthe final one, but on the day i was too busy taking pictures to get any of myself! need a friend to take some soon!


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