Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Design friends and how to get them to get you places!

Last week I had my interview at the South Australia College of the Arts, for a Diploma in Costume for Performance.
A friend of my who is an architect offered to help me re-do my portfolio, real design student style
Cover of my portfolio, laser cut heading and all bound and then stiched with a baseball stitch
After explain to him I currently had a larger than A2 portfolio, he offered to assist me in redoing it on the computer using illustrator and photoshop.
It took a while (well not as long as it take to glue and make an A2 one look pretty). And the end results were pretty awesome.
It also meant I got to learn about some programms I haven't ever used before
We had to include some mood boards in our portfolios (kinda strange I thoguht), these two are my 'Embellishment & Craftsmanship' and 'Fantasy & Costume' boards.
What I had never really though about before when it came to my portfolio was that, did it ever say in the criteria you had to have all your design process documented as well? No....I did just assume you needed to put that in there. Which is annoying.
But this portfolio is just images of the completed projects. Which I actually really like. I mean I clearly made them, and if I am showing you my portfolio I am going to explain to you how and why.
The Flower Maiden
He helped set up templates for the project pages, and for the mood board pages, so everything in the portfolio flows seemlessly and is totally awesomely formatted.

I had my interview with two ladies, and it was the most relaxed interview for a course I have ever been too. I have done 3 fashion interviews and an interview for a textiles course, and they were all kinda horrific experiences. This one was so great they told me to come back next year and they wanted to keep my portfolio to show!

So here's a couple of pages, my favorite ones. Me thinks everyone should hook themselves up with a computer based design friend. They prove oh so handy!
Lolita Inspired

Oh and the best bit, because he teaches at the uni here, we went to the workroom and used the printing, and laser cutter. My friend who studies there says she has to pay $2 min for laser cutting....
Turning Japanese, Akihabara Majokko Princess and Misato Katsuragi
My Ruffles Logo Laser cut into the back cover :)

So in conclusion, next year I will be moving to RADELAIDE! yay!! I go to Melbourne to leave for Japan next friday, and in the mean time I'm working EVERY day. So it's kinda making packing, both boxes, and bags, a little difficult! Still have to find a removalist....eeeep!!

Hope all your holiday plans are coming along dandy =^__^=


  1. Holy wow all of this is fantastic, congratulations!! What a crazy exciting time for you, AND you're going to Japan. I love that country very much we had the best holiday there last year! Enjoy x

    1. thank you lovely Lonnie! Enjoy your holiday peroid :)


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