Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Missed My First Birthday - Lip Mag Article Feature!

That's right, you read right....I missed my own blogs first birthday.
How embarrassing and shameful. I only just realised then when posting about Me Made May '13.
BUT in other news!!! I did have a feature article in an Australian mag, Lip Mag's 23rd published issue!

A great year has gone past. But honestly, I feel like I have done so little with my blog since starting it.
I have a few things that I want to get done in it's second year!!

1. Reconstruct my blog a bit and make it look more like a real website, including updating some logo's and learning to be a bit more blog savvy!

2. Buy myself, and learn how to use a good camera. Buy a camera which is compatible with a remote so I can take some nice selfies! 

3.  Get this thing going a bit more regularly and with more consistency

4. Reach 50 followers! I am half way there!

4. Organise my first giveaway!!! (hopefully this will be the first thing to tick off the list, so stay tuned ;)

Did you have new aims when you reached your first milestone as a blogger? Please share!

And now for the more exciting part of this blog post....

Late last year Zoya Patel, editor of Lip Mag, asked if I would be interested in doing an interview! She sent me some questions, I answered them...and here we are a little while later.
Lip publishes a mag quarterly, but otherwise runs an online magazine where there a new things posted daily!
Hopefully you can read a little bit from these pictures...

You can still buy their 23rd issue by clicking here!



  1. What a fab article- congratulations!

  2. Yes! Congratulations. How exciting!!


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