Thursday, 11 April 2013

Bunnies & Buttons

 If only they arrived 4 days earlier, than I could have worn them to the Lolita Easter Egg hunt that was organised for Easter Sunday here.

Irregular Choice's 'Flopsy' Bunny rabbit wedges heels!
These babies have been hand painted and were released a couple weeks ago on the website.
I may have bought them in the first 2 hours....
Investment really, as I think most of them have sold out already....I can only imagine how much they will be on ebay later.
Pretty box to go with the pretty pretty shoes!

Unfortunately, even within the first two hours, my shoes were still the second batch to be posted out. Maybe if i'd ordered an hr earlier i would have gotten them for Easter....OHHHH and how they would have matched the dress I made!

Kiss on the Lips

 I like how much detail irregular choice puts into everything, it really makes their shoes a bit above the rest, and makes them feel so special and exciting! I can seriously spend a lot of time on their website!

The only issue is, both pairs of Irregular choice I have, arent the comfiest shoes. They just feel....I dont know...heavy and very hard. They don't rub or anything, but especially since both the pairs I have include a feature heel, they are odd to wear because they are so heavy at the back. My other pair have a resin heel!

Num num num

On a completely different note, (only related because they rhyme)
There is an amazing button shop here in Adelaide! with over 350 000 buttons inside!
It is also the only place I have ever found to sell real Petersham/Grograin ribbon in real life and not on the internet!!!

Once again my lovely friend Ben Davies took the below (and the above) pictures.
He bought me a cute little sewing related button which I then turned into a broach!

Its a great shop, it is expensive....but there is no way you would find the great service and these buttons online!

Exhibit A

Im holidays next week. Hopefully means so more updating.

Misson for the near future. Make. Blog. Better.


  1. The bunny shoes are awesome ^_^
    And lincraft sells petersham ribbon. Only one size and Only black. But its part of the sullivan's range (little green & white pack, same section as cotton tape etc.)
    Also, I still have that book. Shall I post it?

  2. Cute bunny shoes! A friend told me about this brand a while ago... must look them up.

  3. Oh my glob you got the bunny shoes! I was almost -almost- about to buy them but decided I didn't want to risk spending over $100 on another pair of shoes that may not be comfortable, even though they look killer. I still want them though! XD


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