Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Our Big Day - Ruffles Made Wedding Dress Part I

Hello everyone!
Long time no blog! (Sorry!)

But finally something that is quite motivating to blog about! As its something I've been waiting to be able to do since like....last November!

As a bit of a recap, in late 2011, Sam, a girl i worked with approached me and asked me to make the dress for her big day! After (finally) agreeing, we worked together with the above picture on her dress over the next good part of a year! There were no photos available of the front of the dress, so we designed it together, using lace from her mothers wedding dress to embellish it.
Back design, but no front!
Samantha (aka Bride) has now recievedthe professional photos taken at her wedding! Yayy! I took some at the wedding, but im no pro photographer, and I didnt want to really pull her aside on her big day for my own selfish glory pics haha.

But to begin with! Here are a bunch of progress pics of the dress in the making! Part II will feature the rest :)

The main reason i did not blog much throughout the process was because her fiance had no idea what the dress was going to look like, so I had to keep it on the down low and not leak the design all over the internets :p

Playing with lace placement and chiffon

Her mother made her own wedding dress, and Sam and her other both wanted the lace from the top incorporated into the design. So I cut it all up and trimmed into it and reworked it onto the  bust line of the bodice, and all around the basque. What a horrifying thing it is cutting into someones old wedding dress!
Front fits sooo good with boning!
One of many many toiles!
Matching the skirt panels with the bodice

Consequences of corsetry!
Final fitting with best friend and fiance's mother!
Stay tuned! In the next few days I will upload a blog post with all the amazing pictures from the wedding!

P.s. I have not in anyway missed how frustrating it is to edit a blog post with pictures! GRRRR


  1. Beautiful! Can't wait to see the professional photos!

  2. wow what an adventure! can't wait to see the pics!

  3. I' impressed! That must have been a lot of work and courage as well! Now I'm curious to see the official photos!


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