Saturday, 15 December 2012

Burdastyle Vintage Dress 05/2012

I finally got around to getting a friend to take some sneaky piccies for me.
This is as the title suggest, is burdastyles Vintage Dress 05/2012 pattern.
Ever since they released it i knew i would have to make it. Originally i was hoping to draft a different dress for the wedding, as i wrote about many posts ago. Unfortunately, that was a bit ambitious and so this dress was choose.
The fabric is poly crepe and was $3.50 a metre from emgreenfields. Woo! Fully lined with silk also bought from there. I originally bought 6m of the crepe as i planned to drape the dress. Lots of left overs now....
I made the dress completely at my grandmothers house, and if i wasnt over seas i would put up some pretty pictures of her house and awesome sewing machine. For a later date i guess.
I made this in the two days leading up to the wedding (that i made the wedding dress for) and was pretty much finishing it as i was going there haha. I really wasnt feeling overly sewy before the wedding, seeing as id spent months making the wedding dress. I also made a matching fascinator as well, which i decided i didnt really like and then made a new headpiece to wear with the dress te next time i wore it. (my original one can be found now here on etsy ;-)
I made a toile for this dress, and didnt make too many changes. Should have bought up the bust darts i realised when i finished the final one, but oh well, i think thats something only i will ever notice. I used my own skirt block for the skirt, as it takes too many bum alterations to make a fitted skirt fit. I also should have moved the shoulder seam back about 3cm, but once again oh well, its not a end of the world thing.
Didnt really enjoy the instructions on the pictures, and so much of it made ver little sense to me. I mean to be honest it was pretty straight forward, however i didnt find one seam that didnt match up on the pattern at all, and that was the side seams for the bodice? what the hell!! i thought i had cut it incorrectly but i went back to the pattern and was like right..... anywho, there is very much a chance that somehow that was my error somewhere along the line....but id like to think maybe not :p
I really like this dress in the end, and i think i will make it again at somepoint. The only thing is, it very much does need little clips to hold it to the bra, otherwise it slips off the shoulders, but i guess thats to be expected.
Pictures of the wedding dress will come along eventually, but at the moment i dont really want to post my amateur ones, as im still waiting on the professional ones, and id really like to use those instead of my shitty ones!!
photographer and travell companion
Anywho, im totally in sinagpore atm!! wooo, go to tokyo in 2 days!! will post with some pictures of all the prettiness that is seen over there.
Until then, i hope everyone is enjoying the festive season!


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  2. Your dress is very beautiful and well made, although you had to be very quick! It suits you very well, and the headpiece is perfect with it.
    I envy you for going to Tokyio, I was there last year and want to go there again!


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