Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Cat Suits and Costumes

This year for halloween, my friend and I want to continue to our cosplay tradition. Around the same time each year, the main comic store in Canberra also hosts a Cosplay competition, as a part of their 'Otakufest'. The last two years my friend and I have gone in cosplays I have made and walked away with a bunch of free dvds.

This year were thinking Rei and Asuka. In plugsuits! I've made a catsuit cosplay before, but would really love to push these limits and learn how to use latex, and mold the armour plates on their plusuits.However, after about 4 hours of online research and adventures, I have come to the conclusion this may be a bit too much to accomplish in the given time frame.  If anyone has any good cosplay duo ideas, feel free to hit me up!
Amazing Evangellion cosplays of Rei and Asuka
Ohhhhh working full time, how you steal all my creative time! The upside to where I work though, is it is a very beautiful place. You need to step back and really put it into perspective sometimes, because being there for 3 years, it really steals all magic from the place.
Outside my lovely workplace at the staff entrance. I sit out here on my breaks & people think im a smoker because of it :-(
Never fear though! Because today at work sparked another sewing/costume mission. This year I am helping organise the Staff Chirstmas party, and I can't give too much away on the theme, because, you know, someone might maybe read this form work and the surprise would be ruined! Anywho, the point is I want to go as Siren, from The Tron Legacy.
What incredible costumes this movie has, and how amazingly sexy do these girls looks in their lycra outfits. Drool, and those shoes? Oh gosh.
Below are the pair of shoes attached to the suit from the movie. Trying to find any shoes like these online so far have already proven pretty much impossible! Below the shoes is then a picture of a costume made by a girl called Annissë on burdastyle. 
I am in absolute awe of this costume. Incredible
Here is a small extract from an article written about the making of the suits. It took a while to stumble upon, it doesn't seem like the information has circulated much
"The light suit is made from Spandex (elastane) covered by a hexagonal pattern and interspersed with latex-foam. Sometimes it is a one-piece, sometimes more, depending on the character design. Despite a gleaming appearance there is no leather on any of these costumes; all are covered in an industrial ‘buffing’ gloss instead. Light is passed through the suit via Light Tape® (produced by Electro-LuminX of Chester, VA) attached to connectors and wired to a PP3 9V battery pack hidden in the disc and then attached to the rear of the costume by magnets" - Clothes on Film , Tron Legacy: Light Suit Costume 

And below, as a bonus, some Tron inspired footwear. They apparently came out months after the movie and were only sold in one shop in America. Great idea and all, but I really would have just loved some ones that were pretty much identicle to the costume from the movie!
Edmundo Castillo -Tron inspired footwear, can you believe these were $1700?
I'm thinking I'll use 4-way stretch PVC for the white sections of the costume, I think it may look a bit closer to the actual costumes they did, considering they treated the lycra with a gloss finish.

I love making costumes, in fact, i do think it is what I want to work with eventually. For the meantime however, I want to try and gain as much expierence and learn as much as possible before jumping into any form of job. I really need to stop working full time so I can follow up on some work experience....

Anyway, that might be enough for the moment! 

Have a lovely evening all =^_^=


  1. I agree, that silver suit is completely awesome!

  2. Hot, hot look! I did see a tutorial for similar shoes...if I find it again I will send it to you. It should be possible to hack some kids toys that use LED's and hollow out some platform shoes to stick a 9V in there.

    I want that Light Tape!


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